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A Look at McLeod’s Racing Clutches

At this year’s Performance Racing Industry show, we got a guided tour through McLeod’s lineup of different racing clutches – in addition to their full assortment of stock replacement and street performance clutches, they also offer some racing variations that offer specific benefits for the dragstrip, road course, and even for truck pulling!

For straight-line racers who need to fine-tune just how hard their clutch hits at the line, while still keeping full lock-up in high gear through the traps, McLeod offers the Soft Lok assembly.

It’s their most popular drag racing clutch, and for good reason – adjustable spring pressure lets racers fine-tune the engagement for the best possible 60-foot times, while adding counterweight if needed keeps things solidly locked up in high gear. McLeod doesn’t recommend this clutch for street use, however.

The MagForce clutch is available in single, twin, and triple disc configurations for oval track, road racing, and even land speed competition.

Its small diameter greatly reduces the rotational inertia of the unit for quicker gear changes, and they offer it in strapped and pin drive configurations depending on whether you prefer quiet and clean clutch release, or the ultimate in speed.

It’s also available in multi-disc versions to match holding capacity to your engine’s output.

The Pro Series 10-inch clutch manufactured exclusively for McLeod by Boninfante offers the ultimate in adjustability and torque capacity, with the triple disc version capable of handling an astonishing 3,000 horsepower.

Adjustable spring pressure and counterweighting make it possible to precisely tailor this clutch for any installation. For those making huge horsepower on the street, this is the way to go.

Finally, the McLeod truck pulling clutch packs a counterweight system and three-finger release into the same space as a factory clutch and pressure plate for the unique demands of that particular sport. When custom transmissions aren’t an option, this clutch is a real problem-solver.

When you take them all together, you can see just how broad McLeod’s racing experience really is – if you drive it, they can help you shift it!