We are a brick and mortar company of 12 people, including several technicians, an accountant, several fabricators, design engineers and tire guys. All bang up, all top notch. We have an “A Team” staff, with more expansion on the horizon. Being located at Motorsports Ranch, we have an advantage many shops do not. We can test customers’ cars, maintain them, validate ideas and shake down new builds, while never having to load up a trailer!


Inside our showroom, we have the most comprehensive stock of road racing-oriented motorsports gear in North Texas. We have 8-12 seats in stock at any given time, over a dozen suits and helmets, a full line of Coolshirt equipment, including a test suit you can try in the showroom!  We also stock and service any AFFF SpA fire system, usually within one hour. We stock a full lineup of Motul fluids, in every shape and size.

In addition to our impressive inventory, we are capable of every aspect of engineering, designing, fabricating, building, developing and maintaining any race car.

Our tools include :

  • Bridgeport knee mills
  • Babin toolroom lathe
  • Victor 1640 engine lathe
  • Southbend throwdown 10″ lathe
  • Dake cold saw
  • Miller plasma cutters
  • Filament deposition 3D printer, 18″ cubed print platform for rapid prototyping
  • Solidworks
  • Roehrig 2VS Shock Dyno
  • Vacuum Filler for shock service
  • Dynojet Chassis dyno
  • Ravaglioli 4 wheel computerized chassis alignment system
  • Epoxy surface pad for chassis setup
  • Miller Dynasty 200DX welding stations
  • Ellis Drill presses
  • Full suite of sheet metal tooling
  • Coats tire machine
  • Ravaglioli G3.124H tire balancer