Getting a baseline Part 1 -GSpeed C8 Project car-

Now that our C8 is back here at home base in Texas it was time for a little clean up, prep, decals, and measuring while we wait on the rain to stop.  



Cleaned up with the GSpeed logo on the windshield and ready to hit the scales. 


Our 2020 C8 came in at 3625lbs w/o driver but with a FULL tank of fuel and all the fluids.  Our car has the optional Z51 performance package, 2LT trim level with competition seats as well as the front nose lift which can add some weight.   


Before we turn a wheel on the dyno or on track we needed to do the track prep fluid addition to the trans.   The mid engine design makes this a breeze by just removing some of the rear storage trim and access panel.  


While we wait on the rain to stop and the track to would be a good time to weigh some items....  


Just over 6lbs each for the electronic parking brake calipers


Just under 40lbs for the rear fascia assembly with harness and lights. 


A massive 77.4 lbs for the NPP cat back exhaust system!   That should be an easy way to drop some weight when it comes time for serious track prep.  


While it was up on the lift, nice time to get some under body shots.  GM did a killer job on the close out panels for these cars.