Getting a baseline Part 2 - Gspeed C8 Project car -

Rain continues.......

So let’s take it apart!

Might as well learn something right?

That massive rear fascia? Almost 40lbs

The NPP cat back? Not exactly light weight.

77.4lbs with the actuators in place.

As you have probably seen they have went to a external caliper for the parking brake, which is electronic like the drum in hat version of the C7.

Each one of these is over 6lbs hanging off the spindles on the back of the car.

It was while we were playing with the brakes that we also felt this was a good time to flush the OE stuff with a better, high temp fluid before we did our baseline runs just to eliminate a chance of brake fade due to fluid issues. We also ran into something we didn’t expect.

If you are doing the brakes at home with a buddy and are doing it how you always have, more than likely you are going to run it dry and have a very soft pedal. GM suggests using a pressure bleeder system to keep it from doing this. If you do not have the adapter and kit to do this at home, then take the bleed process VERY SLOWLY to make sure that no air can enter the system.

So it can be done at home....again just have to go real slow with it and keep mindful of the pedal as you go.

Found the ECU while we were poking our heads around the car too....

Nice shot of the engine and transaxle while we had everything apart.