GSpeed “no cut” C7Z06 Cooling Solutions.

This weekend we were able to try out Bills 2016 Black A8 Z07 at Circuit of the americas with parts of our all out stage 2 cooling system, in what we dubbed the "stage 0"

The design intent was to extend the duration of how long you can run one of these cars on track, in the summer. It was not engineered to be a fix all, but for those who want to track the car longer, dont want to spend all of the money of the stage 2 kit, and certainly dont want to cut holes in the bumper, this setup is the ticket.

The goal of this kit is to not cut your front bumper, and give you 2-5x more run time before you over heat the car. We have complete solutions for that, and its several thousand more.

We realized that there were people that needed just a little bit more cooling, and this is that problem solver.

We realized that there were people that didnt want to cut their bumper, and this is that problem solver.

The kit is as follows:

  • DeWitts 70mm radiator
  • Gspeed fabricated and anodized shroud
  • Gspeed cooler shelf
  • Gspeed dual pass supercharger heat exchanger in Vmount configuration
  • Gspeed engineered blower coolant tank (same tank across all of our kits and cavitation proof)
  • Setrab external oil cooler
  • Auxillary transmission cooler


The car needs a little more help, which we can give it. Here are some facts, in no particular order:

  • Ambient 91*
  • coolant temps stabilized sub 240*
  • oil temps 290
  • trans temp max 250
  • no cavitation or throttle shut down
  • fastest lap of a 2:19.6 with Bill having a new best of a 20.2
  • little to no De-Rating

This was the longest session at COTA. This car would go 1 lap, before limp mode. Also, this car ran a 2:19 this same weekend. This particular session was a 2:20.2

We will get the car back in and update a few things before it hits the west coast for the summer.

If you dont want to cut your bumper, and you simply want more track time before it does over heat, this is the ticket. It easily doubled, if not tripled the amount of laps possible. There is still lots of room for better cooling by cutting the bumper, but there are lots of C7Z owners who simply dont want to cut or modify it.