GSPEED C6 Corvette MOTEC Plug and Play Kit

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Finally, a true motorsport level engine management solution for the Corvette platform!

After 18 months of development, GSPEED is proud to announce the release of our C6 Corvette Plug and Play kit with the help NCS Design and M2k Motorsports

This custom firmware for the MoTeC M150 ECU combines the powerful MoTeC M1 GPR feature set with full integration of the Corvette vehicle systems

-Not a piggyback solution, the factory PCM is completely replaced by the MoTeC M150 via our Plug and Play harness

-Push button start, gauge cluster, air conditioning all function as factory

-Cruise control and traction switches configurable within M1 Tune software

-Factory alternator and EVAP system strategies

-Control of factory fuel pump, including the brushless ZR1 setup via CAN

-Retains factory ABS function and diagnostic capabilities


MoTeC M1 features

-Advanced volumetric efficiency based fuel model

-Closed loop lambda control supports up to 12 wideband lambda sensors, with sensor redundancy and engine protection strategies

-Individual cylinder and bank fuel and ignition trims

-Individual cylinder knock control

-Flex fuel support

-Staged injection, with compensations for alternate fuels

-Closed loop boost control, with support for CO2

-2 stage wet or dry nitrous control

-Boost and ignition trims by gear or speed

-Rolling Antilag

-Powerful fuel film based transient fueling strategy

-Motorsport grade configurable traction and launch control

-Trans brake and bump control

-No lift shift

-Closed loop shift control for sequential transmissions, with rev matching and speed limiting, available upgrade to paddle shift

-Electric water pump, additional fans and intercooler spray control

-Driver map switching – target lambda, ignition, traction control, boost, throttle feel and more

-Control up to 3 staged fuel pumps

-Real time tuning and fast datalog download via ethernet communications

-standard datalog set, ability to upgrade to 2000 channels @ 1000 samples/second

-Datalogs are viewed with industry leading MoTeC i2 analysis software

-Standard CAN data output to work with MoTeC or 3rd party displays

This package is currently used by our technical partners NCS Designs and M2K Motorsports to control their record holding, 246mph standing mile Corvette


System includes the following components

-MOTEC M150 ECU with GSpeed custom firmware

-GSPEED mounting bracket to mount in place of stock ECU

-Plug and Play harness to connect to factory wiring

-LTC-D dual channel wideband

-Bosch LSU 4.9 ( qty 2)

-Fuel pressure sensor

-Level 2 logging – necessary to setup any advanced functions (knock, traction, launch, power adders)

-Flex fuel kit – includes sensor and wiring lead, no wiring required, already enabled in GSpeed firmware

-Trim knob – can be used for launch, traction, adjustable maps, etc



GSPEED C6 Corvette MOTEC Plug and Play Kit