GSpeed C7 Corvette Wing

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At GSpeed we test ever thing we do on track, and having a track in our back yard makes that very easy to do.  

One of the things we found testing the C7 during our cooling system development was a need for increased grip at speed.  This led us to test a number of wings and wing mounts that offered the best downforce with the lowest amount of drag that we could offer to our customers.  Not only that but we also wanted to retain hatch access and no cutting of the primary color painted body parts.  Our kit does all of these and retains a very strong frame mount design.   Only minor drilling of the lower rear panel piece is required.  

We offer the kit as a mount only, wing only, or package deal for those doing their own fab work, or that might want to use a different wing.  Save $135 as a package kit.  



GSpeed C7 Corvette Wing