C5/C6 Penske Shocks


These Items are in stock at all times, however because each set is assembled by hand for each order, please allow 7-10 days for assembly, dyno, and packaging. Due to the nature of race cars and racing, we do offer a 48 hour expedite fee for racers in need. Please call for any questions.



Over the past 5 years, GSpeed has invested heavily into the corvette performance and racing market. As Aero loads and the need to ride over curbs increased, so did the need for a proper damper engineered specifically for the C5/C6 platform. After testing many off the shelf shocks, we quickly realized that what we wanted didn’t exist. Enter Penske. Penske shocks are a clean slate for an engineer, and a large one at that.  We weighed every unsprung part of the suspension and calculated aero loads from wind tunnel testing to determine what we needed as a baseline. After a few revisions and moving the location of the knee, we had what we felt was the best shock package that would be 99% at 99% of the tracks for Corvettes with or without aero, between 2900 and 3400lbs. This same shock package helped power the GSpeed TT3 C5 to the regional NASA Texas lap record at COTA, and then culminating with the NASA National TT3 championship at COTA for 2018.

While many rush to bring their products to market, we test and validate our parts to ensure our customer’s highest satisfaction. With tests conducted at over 20 different tracks in the last 24 months from some of the fastest C5 and C6 racers, you can rest assured you have  the best shock package to fit the racers needs. Have something not normal? Remember that BIG clean slate? We can valve to meet your demands.   

Give us a call today to discuss your shock needs. We offer these in Non adjustable, single adjustable rebound, and Double adjustable bump and rebound with canisters. Each setup can be upgraded to the next so you are never with out room for growth.


600-800lb/in Eibach springs for maximum clearance to tie rod. Min spring rate 500, max 850 before revalve is needed at 3100lbs race weight.

Billet upper shock clevis mounting

Billet lower rear fork with provision for rebound adjuster

300M lower front pin mount with eyelet machined for rebound adjuster.

Completely serviceable by any reputable shock rebuilder, here at GSpeed, or Penske directly.

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