FA20 Dry Sump Oil System

This product is currently under development.  Contact us at sales@gspeed.com if you’d like to be notified when pricing is announced and this product is available!

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Using a Dailey Engineering “Signature Series” Dry Sump Oil System, this is the final answer in race engine lubrication.  Due to its unique ability to scavenge from both cylinder heads and the oil pan, starvation due to high lateral cornering forces is effectively eliminated.  Our kit includes:

  • Four-stage dry sump pump and pan
  • GSpeed adapter kit

This system works on both the Toyota 4U-GSE and Subaru FA20.  Due to the location of the oil pan, a custom exhaust manifold will be required.  At current time, there are no off-the-shelf manifolds that are compatible with this pump.  Modifications to the factory oiling system will be required, although they are reversible.  Installing the oil tank will require permanent modification to the chassis.  Professional installation of this system is highly recommended.