GSpeed C7 Z06 Intercooler Pump Override Tool

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Properly bleeding the air out of your 2014+ Corvette Z06 is extremely important to intercooler pump performance.  When air is introduced to the system, cavitation can cause the electric coolant pump to go into a self-induced three minute shutdown.  This shutdown period will not throw a check engine light, and will only be apparently when intake temperatures skyrocket and cause the car to go into limp mode.

This tool allows you to manually cycle the intercooler pump without running the engine.  By temporarily plugging into the under-hood fuse box, you will be able to cycle the supercharger coolant while filling the system.  This greatly eases the bleeding process and helps prevent air from getting trapped in the system.

For more information on intercooler pump shutdown, please see our thread on Corvette Forum:

GSpeed C7 Z06 Intercooler Pump Override Tool