Motorsports Decal Set

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We were having trouble sourcing quality decal sets, so we stepped up and designed a set ourselves. Hot off the press, the new Racetech motorsport sticker set meets FIA requirements. We have jammed all the essential stickers for circuit and rally - killswitch, extinguisher and tow onto an A4 sheet. As a bonus we have added plenty of handy labels for your instruments. The decals are printed with UV-resistant inks and kiss-cut so they're ready to go out of the box. A MUST FOR A NEW RACE CAR BUILD!

  • 1x Killswitch 'lightning bolt' (large for exterior)
  • 1x Killswitch 'lightning bolt' (small for inside the car)
  • 1x Fire Extinguisher 'E' (large)
  • 1x Fire Extinguisher 'E' (small)
  • 2x Tow arrows (large, red)
  • 1x Tow arrow (small, white)
  • 2x USA flags
  • 4x Arrows (1 medium red, 1 medium black, 1 small red, 1 small black)
  • 2x On-Off Switch arrows
  • 32x Instrument Labels (on, off, batt, oil, fuel, start, wiper, light, pump etc)
Motorsports Decal Set

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